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The SKOTTI Grill is light and handy, weighing just 3 kg and fitting easily in a rucksack, bicycle bag or any motorhome. As flat as a laptop, it’s an ideal camping grill. Its practical transport bag also makes an ingenious underlay – whether grilling on a table or a sensitive surface. Should you find a lighter, fully-fledged gas grill anywhere else, let us know :-)


SKOTTI is a small gas grill with the roar of a giant. In just 2 minutes it is stably set up and ready to go. Maybe you fancy your favourite burger recipe or a perfectly grilled steak? No problem, since the SKOTTI table grill puts out an impressive 2.5 KW. Or just grill vegetarian – with a stepless regulator making that possible. But never forget – it’s just like a sports car: So be careful with that accelerator! ;-)


Grilling, roasting, cooking, baking, smoking … ingenious accessories have made the SKOTTI a multi-kitchen. Meat, fish and vegetables – anything is possible. How about pizza, soup, fried eggs, a cheese fondue or even bread? Or maybe grill a trout? Even delicatessen style smoking is possible. SKOTTI can provide more space than you think. We like to grill for 8-10 friends, and this is no problem, as long as everyone has a beer in their hand :-)


Barbecuing in the park or in the wilderness – from now on with a clear conscience, and all because SKOTTI is made of durable stainless steel, works with gas, and leaves no mess whatsoever. SKOTTI is the perfect balcony grill, picnic grill or camping grill – because from now on your neighbours will only be treated to the smell of deliciously grilled food rather than smoking charcoal. And watch out, your children will soon probably start being nice to you – since no doubt you will eventually be passing on your SKOTTI to one of them in your will :-)

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