The Story of SKOTTI - The Revolutionary Gas Grill

Can you reinvent fire? SKOTTI, the world's first truly portable gas grill, proves that it's possible. This innovative grill was born from an unusual inspiration - the encounters between Christian Battel, the founder of SKOTTI, the police and local authorities.

Chris, a nature lover and avid angler, enjoyed grilling freshly caught fish. However, his open fires in natural settings not only attracted attention from law enforcement but also caused trouble. To solve the problem, Chris had to reinvent the way fire was used.

With a strong determination to create a portable grill that he could take anywhere, Chris embarked on intensive research. To his disappointment, he couldn't find anything that met his requirements. So, he took matters into his own hands and decided to build the grill himself.

Where it all began

In his small wooden hut in the garden, much like the beginnings of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, Chris tinkered with his project. After countless prototypes and endless hours of work, SKOTTI was finally born in April 2018. Lightweight, robust, and flexible, it surpassed all his expectations. Chris had his grill, and his children had their father back.

Safety was Chris's top priority when bringing SKOTTI to the market. He had it thoroughly tested and easily obtained approval from the DVGW. From then on, anyone could confidently use SKOTTI.

But why is the grill called SKOTTI? Chris remembered his loyal dog who was always by his side and whom he could trust unconditionally. SKOTTI embodied those same qualities and deserved the name.

When they all fell in love with SKOTTI

The media in Europe couldn't resist the buzz surrounding the SKOTTI grill, and they eagerly invited its creator, Chris, to showcase his masterpiece. Whether on television or in magazines, Chris captivated audiences with his passion for outdoor cooking and the incredible features of the SKOTTI grill.

As soon as people saw the SKOTTI grill in action, they fell head over heels in love. Its compact size, allowing for easy transportation and setup, combined with its powerful heat output and precise temperature control, made it a game-changer in the grilling world.

The rest is history...

The success story of SKOTTI had only just begun. With over 100,000 units sold and the recognition of the Red Dot Award in 2019 for its innovative design and multifunctionality, SKOTTI became synonymous with a lightweight, portable, and high-quality grill.

Today, with his company VENNSKAP (Norwegian for friendship), Chris develops thoughtful products and accessories that enhance the outdoor experience. Whether it's grilling, cooking, smoking, or baking - SKOTTI offers a fully functional mobile outdoor kitchen for unforgettable meals in the most beautiful locations worldwide.

SKOTTI has already gained immense popularity throughout Europe and is now conquering the rest of the world. The story of SKOTTI is far from over. Join us and stay tuned for more innovations from the SKOTTI team.